Serving the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska with commercial aluminum fishing boats and landing crafts designed for industrial and recreational use.
Unmanned, this boat can maneuver up and down the beach. Articulating spikes in the door are controlled by wireless remote from up to 200' away, so you spend less time tending to the tides.
A landing craft specifically designed to service cold water kayak tours. Features a hydraulic bow door, and large decks both bow and stern, with plenty of room for passengers in the cabin.
Joe's Tonka Toy is a Hard Drive Marine custom landing craft designed for fast transport of freight and fuel between Juneau and Elfin Cove, Ak. Currently owned and operated by Eagle Charters.
A very unique landing craft with shore spikes to firmly anchor onshore for convenient loading and unloading. Full featured with a cabin berth, head, galley, and hydraulic seating.
The original Hard Drive Marine island hopper, powered by a Yamaha F150. Designed to be hosed down inside and out, this 23' cuddy still sleeps three comfortably.
Hailing out of Seward, Alaska, the Crown Royal is an example of the many jet powered, custom, aluminum gillnetters we build for the fishermen of Prince William Sound.

I ordered a landing craft from Hard Drive Marine to run fuel and supplies to our lodge in Elfin Cove, I am ready to order another and can't wait to work with Tom again!"
─ Joe Kulavik
Practical, and the easiest boat to maintain I've ever owned.
─ Glenn Airoldi
The landing craft we built with Hard Drive Marine allows us to bid on projects that before were out of reach and increases our bottom line.
─ Burke & Barbara Thomas
"I was the first customer to build a boat with hard Drive Marine and years later she is still a top producer in the fleet."
─ Jeff Olsen
"I have been commercial fishing in Alaska most of my life and have a good idea of what I need in a boat and Hard Drive Marine delivered exactly that!"
─ Ryan Broughton

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The LC7 features both beach walking hydraulics and a cabin that can be hydraulically placed anywhere on the deck to allow maximum utility and comfort.
The LC7 features both beach walking hydraulics and a cabin that can be hydraulically placed anywhere on the deck to allow maximum utility and comfort. By allowing the chine to rise as we approach the bow, we create a landing craft that handles seas as well as it handles the beach.
ATV ramp, with remotely controlled articulating spikes, and queen berth
Designed for extended stays and heavy work. The ramp will allow vehicles up to 59" wide to be carried to remote shores, and the hidden queen berth with room to spare allows for multi-day trips. The hydraulically articulating spikes on the door allow for tide adjustments by wireless remote from up to 200 ft away.
Commissioned by the Lummi Nation for law enforcement in Puget Sound.
The Lummi Nation turned to Hard Drive Marine when it was time for a new patrol boat. Used by tribal law enforcement, this boat is a common sight in Hale's Passage.
A fast, efficient, V-berth, sport boat with beautiful lines on the water.
For the recreational boater who puts function before fashion, Hard Drive Marine can create a very seaworthy craft that is easy to maintain, and provides the comfort of a V-berth designed to sleep three. Some say these are overbuilt, others that they're meant to last, through whatever you care to put them through.
Prince William Sound gillnetters, each custom built.
We specialize in Prince William Sound boats. Jet powered diesels, built by hand to last generations. These boats can handle rough seas at very respectable speeds.
Transports freight and fuel between Juneau and Elfin Cove AK
Three and a half hours from Juneau at 35 knots, Elfin cove is home to some of Alaska's best sport fishing. Hard Drive Marine built a service boat for Eagle Charters, designed to transport supplies and fuel to the Island. This boat can haul a Bobcat, a week's food, and 750 gallons of fuel for the rest of the fleet, all in one quick trip.
The Bodhisattva, a landing craft with full cabin amenities.
The Bodhisattva was a landing craft built for comfortable human transport. The cabin includes rows of bench seats, head, galley, and suspension seating forward. Groups of 10 can ride in the comfort of the cabin to remote areas of Canada's inside passage.
What's summer in the sound without the taste of Dungeness?
Designed for one thing only, pot pulling capacity. This boat gets to the the crabbing waters quickly, uses a hydraulically powered pot puller on a davit, and will carry home more crab in live wells than most people will eat in a lifetime.


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